Singing is a musical art that engages the entire human body and mind, encompassing much more than mere technical ability. My approach to teaching is a holistic one, considering the whole being.
Research has shown that children who study a musical instrument improve their overall learning abilities and develop better social skills. This is something I personally have found to be true, both in my own life and as a teacher. However, I strongly believe that music should be taught to all children, not just because it strengthens other skills and areas of learning, but for its own intrinsic value. Music for music’s sake.
Sadly, many people believe that they are not able to learn to sing. In my experience I have found that almost everyone can learn to use his or her voice in an improved and satisfying way. I greatly enjoy working with both children and adults who have a desire to learn to sing better, but who for various reasons have come to believe that this is not possible for them.
I am a classically trained singer but welcome different styles and genres. All good singing is about good technique, projection, breath support and use of body. Regardless of whether you want to sing opera, musicals, jazz, folk or pop and no matter whether you want to sing with others in a choir, perform solo or just enjoy the sound of your own voice, you will benefit from professional tuition. As a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians I can guarantee a high standard of teaching and can cater for preparations for tests, grades and exams as well as for personal enjoyment.
In my lessons I make use of a wide range of techniques and exercises, both vocal and physical, some developed by me, some from my many different teachers during my own studies and some from internationally recognised and celebrated vocal pedagogues such as Richard Miller and Shirlee Emmons. During lessons we will work with various suitable repertoires, which are agreed between us. We will work with the music, with text-analysis and good tone production, all aimed at achieving a confident delivery of the music and a healthy use of the voice. The lessons are tailored to suit each individual with emphasis on developing good technique and expanding your repertoire, while having fun and building self-confidence.
Lessons normally take place in my studio in Winchelsea Beach between Hastings and Rye. I am happy to work with all ages and abilities, so whether you are a complete beginner who has decided to finally do something about your long-lived desire to learn to sing, a child or teenager at the beginning of your musical education, or a progressing music student working towards university or conservatoire entry, do not hesitate to contact me. Above all I believe that lessons and singing should be fun and rewarding, and pay you back for all your hard work.

Lessons take place in Winchelsea Beach. Please get in touch if you have any questions on the services provided.
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